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How its work?

1. Open app/select meals

2. Pick-up meals

3. Deliver or sell and get paid

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Have a smartphone and registered to a mobile money payment system. And the drive to work and earn money.

Yes, of course. Some of our independent vendors are street vendors who sell in traffic areas and at events sites. We have made it easier for anyone to be able to sell our packaged meals.

Customers pay you either in cash or through mobile money daily. You can remit the mobile money daily or weekly as you prefer.

Its relative as most full-time vendors can make up to 500GHC or more per day, most part-time vendors are making 200GHC make money directly selling to customers at the set retail price.

ZERO monthly fees to us and NO percentage amount you have to pay back to us. You get to keep all the money you receive from customers including the delivery fees.

There is no set time, you get to work whenever and wherever you like. Turn on your smartphone and work any hours which suites you.

Either use a friend's or a family phone to start and work towards securing yourself one to be totally independent on your working time.

We are working hard to make it available across the country. Visit the signup link and enter your details to be alerted when it launches in your area/city.